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Good Reads | January ’15

Faith Despite the KGB - book Out of the Depths - book Cheaper by the Dozen - book

Starting this year, I plan to post about the favorite books I read every month instead of all of them. I’m hoping this will help to motivate me to read even more than usual, especially since I my goal is to read 60 books. I think that’s a reasonable goal to accomplish. I got a pretty good start this month finishing six books. Here are my favorites:

  • Faith Despite the KGB: I love reading testimonies of believers in other countries and hearing stories of how the Lord was faithful to them in times of persecution. This book chronicles the lives of several believers in the Soviet Union and their journeys through times of testing, persecution, prison, and finding strength in the Lord. I highly recommend this book.
  • Out of the Depths: I read this book in one sitting. It is the story of the sinking of the USS Indianapolis, written by a Christian sailor who survived the torpedo bombing and the four days at sea before rescue in shark infested salt water. I so appreciated his Christian testimony throughout and hearing how the Lord kept him and others strong and sane in an extremely trying ordeal.
  • Cheaper By the Dozen: If you’ve ever seen the movie, you will want to read the book. The story of the Frank Gilbreth family will probably have you laughing at times, as it did me. An easy, interesting read, and I hear there are two other books in the series.