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Here is the promised baby blanket pic, though nearly a month late. My one excuse is that I lost my camera SD card, which is completely unlike me, and still haven’t found it.  I ended up having my sister take pictures for me. She took them outside because our home lighting makes terrible photos.





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Good Reads | April ’15

Adam-of-the-Road what he must be

  • Adam of the Road: Set in medieval times, this fictional story tells the adventures and journeys of the young minstrel Adam. I found this to be an interesting, pleasant read and appropriate for all ages.
  • What He Must Be: I’m not married and neither are any of my other five siblings, so my family read this book together as part of our devotions. This is a good read if anytime in the future you are planning on courting, dating and such. And I will note, this is just as much for guys as it is for girls.