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Review | Priceless Weddings


Priceless Weddings is definitely a book that I needed to read. I’m not married, and neither are any of my five siblings, but we are all very frugal. Budget weddings are a must in my family. I was so excited to dig into this book and learn how to create a wedding under $5,ooo dollars. It sounds impossible to plan a wedding for that little amount of money, but Kennedy does a fabulous job of walking you through every aspect of the process. The book is filled with her personal ideas that she has learned as a wedding planner along with stories of other real life couples who budgeted their weddings. She walks you through saving money on the location, clothing, decor, flowers, food, photographer, music, invitations, and much more. If you are planning a wedding, this book is a must read!

Disclaimer: I received this book from the Blogging For Books program in exchange for this review.