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Good Reads | October ’15

gettingtoknow the9habits

  • Getting to Know: This was the best book I have ever read on killing sin in your life. Lutzer did a fabulous job addressing every question and inner thought one might have related to sin in one’s life. Each chapter ends with discussion questions, which can be worked through alone or with a discussion group. I highly, highly recommend every Christian read this book.
  • The 9 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs: I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I’ve always been fascinated by entrepreneurism and the idea of running my own business. Battles laid out nine easy to follow habits (some of which will benefit anyone, whether entrepreneur or not) that will help grow your business and benefit you personally. I hope to put some of his good ideas to use someday.
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Good Reads | September ’15

the-secret-holocaust-diaries-book cut-the-clutter-book the-pastor's-wife-book

  • The Secret Holocaust Diaries: Taken from her secret diaries, this is Nonna Bannister’s story of her life in the Holocaust. An amazing story of survival in the concentration camps of Nazi Germany. I greatly enjoyed this read.
  • Cut the Clutter: So, I really didn’t need to read this book. I mean, I am the queen of throwing stuff away. But, even though I didn’t exactly need the info, it was fabulous and right on point. I thoroughly enjoyed this very short read and was extra motivated to throw away even more.
  • The Pastor’s Wife: Sabina Wurmbrand, wife of Voice of the Martyrs founder, Richard Wurmbrand, tells her story of life before, during, and after prison. I was encouraged reading of God’s faithfulness to her during this time and the way the Lord worked in her life and through her life to bless others.
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Good Reads | August ’15


  • The Tattooed Jesus: As I said last month, I’m working my way through Kevin Swanson’s books and this month, I was able to read his newest release (this one). I found it very insightful¬† and thought provoking concerning modern pop culture in all it’s variances. I will probably need to read again in the future for reference, but overall I agree with everything he said. Swanson addresses the hard to answer questions concerning Christians and their involvement in the pop culture.
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Good Reads | July ’15

the-second-mayflower-book in-the-secret-service-book chess-book twelve-unlikely-heroes-books

  • The Second Mayflower: I’ve heard Kevin Swanson speak countless times at conferences and have loved all his talks. So, I’ve been slowly making my way through his books. This book took a bit of time to finish due to the fact that his talks and this book are just about the same. Basically there really wasn’t anything new in this book for me, but I’m including it in this month’s favorites as it contains very insightful material. If you are concerned about the direction America is headed, wonder how it all came to be this way, and want to do your part to turn the tide, this is a great book to read.
  • In the Secret Service: This was an interesting read about one of the Secret Service men who was present at the assassination attempt of Ronald Reagan. It tells his story in full and gives a great inside look at what it takes to be a Secret Service agent.
  • Chess: From First Moves to Checkmate: Believe it or not, I’m in my mid-twenties I do not know how to play chess. Not something I’m particularly proud about, which is why I read this book. I found it to be very easy to understand and quite informative. Whether you are looking to learn chess or just want to increase your skills, this would be a great read.
  • Twelve Unlikely Heroes: It’s not often that a book makes it to my favorite list or stays on my shelf just because of one chapter, but this one did. While I enjoyed the whole book, the chapter on Jonathan was just wow!! I have always enjoyed reading about the friendship David and Jonathan shared, but this book put it in a whole new light and made it all the more precious. I just may have cried a little at the incredible example of godliness and faithfulness exemplified by Jonathan. If you ever get the chance, read this chapter, even if you can’t read the whole book.
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Good Reads | May ’15

I only managed to finish two books this month and though neither of them ended up being favorites of mine, I thought I’d still post about my favorite of the two.

the gospel in bonds-book

  • The Gospel In Bonds: Georgi Vins shares a short condensed version of his life as a martyr’s child and as a persecuted, imprisoned believer himself in Russia. I enjoyed reading his testimonies from prison and hearing how God protected him and used his witness for His glory. There are a lot of his poems interspersed throughout the book which weren’t too interesting to me. I actually just skimmed them. The latter half of the book talked about his extradition to the US and then his subsequent travels back to Russia, which also wasn’t hugely fascinating. But overall, it was an encouraging read.
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Good Reads | April ’15

Adam-of-the-Road what he must be

  • Adam of the Road: Set in medieval times, this fictional story tells the adventures and journeys of the young minstrel Adam. I found this to be an interesting, pleasant read and appropriate for all ages.
  • What He Must Be:¬†I’m not married and neither are any of my other five siblings, so my family read this book together as part of our devotions. This is a good read if anytime in the future you are planning on courting, dating and such. And I will note, this is just as much for guys as it is for girls.
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Good Reads | March ’15

operation mincemeat - book boston jane an adventure - book boston jane the claim - book

  • Operation Mincemeat: This was a great historical account of the behind-the-scenes espionage and spy activity that led to the victorious D-Day on the beaches of Sicily. Well written and very detailed (a little much unnecessary detail for me), but an excellent read overall.
  • Boston Jane: An Adventure: & Boston Jane: The Claim: I loved these books and series (though I was disappointed to not be able to read the second book as my library doesn’t have it). It reminded me so much of Gloria Whelan’s Island trilogy, which are some of my very favorite historical fiction books. This series is set in the mid 1800’s in first Philadephia and then Oregon and chronicles the adventures of tomboyish-turned-lady Jane Peck.