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Here is the promised baby blanket pic, though nearly a month late. My one excuse is that I lost my camera SD card, which is completely unlike me, and still haven’t found it.  I ended up having my sister take pictures for me. She took them outside because our home lighting makes terrible photos.





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A Search for the Perfect Baby Blanket Pattern

Last month I realized that I have yarn, Yarn, & YARN. It’s not like I’ve never realized it before, nor do I even have a TON, but it’s too much for my minimalistic mind to deal with. So, I went on a search for the perfect baby blanket pattern in order to use up two huge skeins of yarn that have been sitting around. Of course, if you know me, you know the first place I go to look for yarn patterns is LionBrand.com. They have the best patterns! If you ever find your hands itching to knit or crochet, head on over there and check out their fabulous collection.

I was so thrilled when I saw this pattern. It just seemed to call my name. And even better, it looks like a really impressive knit, but is actually super easy to make. Perfect.


I’ve been hard at work knitting this month in an effort to finish it before May rolls around. I’m really bad about starting projects and then never finishing them. But this one … I . will . finish . it . this . month . period. I am rather motivated thinking about the two large skeins of yarn that will no longer be taking up space in my yarn storage box. Oh, and speaking of that, I’m using this yarn in the color Clay. I bought it on sale several years back for $3.85 a skein. For you non-yarn buyers, that is a deal! It was originally $10.99.

I can’t wait to share pictures with you all. Keep your eyes peeled for them early next month!